Energy Goes Where it needs to Flow... 

"I work with my amazing team and bring through a very powerful, non-intrusive form of energy healing to help clear emotional problems that you may have stored throughout your life. And these emotional blockages can often be the cause of physical ailments, and in clearing emotional blockages it can also help ease what is happening physically." Nicola Eland


I am trained in many healing modalities, I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, and Energy Healer, helping others through energy healing since 2015, energy healing is a way to help activate the natural healing processes of the individual’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. It is a non-intrusive way of working to help clear emotional problems that you may have stored in this or other lifetimes.

Since the start of 2019 I was ‘approached’ by the Collective who wished to work with me in helping the Earth and its inhabitants with their Evolution, part of the collective is the Elohim, and they have been assisting me in my healing practice ever since, this has now developed in to the Elohim very much conducting the healings through me, assisted with Crystals or Reiki or any other healing training I have completed, they bring through their very distinctive light language and work with a person’s energy to help bring in clearing and healing for the person’s needs. Each individual Elohim being brings something different to the healing, some often use sound and song to assist too. They work with your own guides, helpers and healing team to bring in what is right for you. It is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the client - to activate the natural healing processes.

At the start of the session, I ask the client what it is that they would like to achieve and during the session I will connect into my team to bring through the required healing.

During a healing session I work with a person’s higher self, guides, and helpers, I also communicate with the clients body consciousness and converse soul to soul to ensure what is being requested is ready to be released fully and the session is completed in the highest interest of the client, this assures achieving the sessions purpose and assists with the overall healing.  We work together to direct the energies to where they are needed most without straying too far from the client’s initial intention.

This is a beautiful energy to work with for all involved in the session, I work very intuitively with my team to bring the best outcome for the client. 

If you are drawn to having a Channeled Healing with me, do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment.

Session are priced at £70 an hour, which can be done both Remotely or Face to Face

Animal Healing

I started assisting animals with Reiki in 2016, and my energy healing style has been evolving ever since, I work with an amazing team who work closely with the companions own teams to bring about what is best for the individual, and if instructed I can also be known to bring in crystals placed strategically in the healing space.

The healing takes place on an energetic level, working with a being’s energy fields, clearing on a quantum level channeled through my hands and voice (light language and sounding) as we all work towards the common goal of the Owner, the Companion and their higher selves.

I will call in the Animal Guardians, the companions Guides and helpers and their higher selves to all work together for the highest interest of the companion.

These sessions can either be carried out Remotely or I can come to your home if you are within a 20 mile radius to Calne Wiltshire, there is a charge of 30p per mile for any home visits.

If this appeals to you and you are interested in working with me then please contact me to arrange an appointment or have an informal and relaxed chat on 07881756074 or email me at

Session are priced at £40 for 30 minutes.

​I am available for appointments Monday to Friday in the evenings between 6pm and 8pm, on a Saturday between 11am and 4pm and on Sundays between 11am and 4pm.


I request a deposit of £40 prior to any session on booking

Session are to be paid full prior to the session

My Bank Details will be provided once dates have been formalized.

Please allow 48 hours cancellation, if you do not cancel within 48 hours your deposit will be forfeit.