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Updated: Aug 26, 2018

My name is Nicola and I am a channel, I have been asked by my Guides / Helpers and the ones who work through me to write about my experiences, I don’t really know completely what I will be writing about but it will be led by the ones who asked me to do this. If you have found this then you are meant to be reading it and I hope what I have to say is of interest and assistance.

So let me tell you a little bit about me, I have always had an ability to hear and feel Spirits but always been afraid of it, hide under the sheets at night and sleep with a bible under my bed out of fear, until eventually I managed to find a way to block it, kind of, but every now and again they used to revisit me and say hi, see if I still wanted to run away and hide and I usually did, until it went away all together which for some reason made me feel a little sad and alone, it stayed like that for some time.

Then one day I had what is known as an awakening, which metaphorically picked me up off my feet knocked me several feet in the air and flying backwards until I fell slamming in to the ground with a huge crash – well that’s how it felt anyway, the channel of knowing and hearing came back on line and odd to think after all that fear and amongst the current chaos that was the comforting bit J

I didn’t just hear and feel spirit, but I heard and felt everything! And it came crashing in like the stormy waters of the sea on only a flimsy life raft; I thought I was going crazy! I had no idea what was happening to me all I knew was this bombardment of thoughts and feelings which weren’t mine, and I thought I was a basket case because, why wouldn’t they be mine? I was very close to taking myself to the nearest institution and asking for help, committing myself to life time of drugs and even worse stopping this part of me altogether. So I know how important it is to be able to read things like this, to be able to reach out to people and know that you are not crazy and what is happening happens to many people the world over, it’s just a point of finding that out, I was very lucky as I had some amazing friends at the time, and I have some very amazing guides too.

My earth guides one in-particular a wonderful very grounding friend, led me to the help that I needed and to realise that I am not crazy, I am not on my own, and there are so many people out there going through exactly the same thing, I was led to articles, tools and people to help me set on my mission of self discovery, to find out who I am and what I might be in the future, I am still studying lots, discovering all the time and continuing to learn more and more about the skills I hold in me to unlock and discover.

I was helped by 3 particularly amazing people who I will be forever grateful to, one being my friend, the other an energy healer who is also a qualified counsellor, and a spiritual mentor and soul purpose reader, the tools that helped me the most were Human Design, Soul Purpose and Numerology, and Gene Keys, all very effective in helping you find and discover who you are, what gifts you have inside you and assistance with the big one why we are here – there is never a final answer to any of these and I don’t believe we ever stop learning or uncovering as we always seem to uncover more and more with each lesson, shift, download etc the work doesn’t stop but at least with the tools its helps you to navigate a little better, keeping an eye on what is happening cosmically helps too, both of the earth and in the stars.

I work in a corporate environment during the day as I am still learning much about myself in this environment, I have been told that in the future I will open up a centre that will help people with gifts and what I am learning now in my current role will help me with that, what I do is very challenging and I do enjoy my employment, but I enjoy it from the perspective of what I learn about myself in different situations every day. In the last 3 years I have changed and grown more than I have ever known, I am now a lot more confident, I started on the path to find self love thanks to Matt Khan, and now I am comfortable in my skin, I am an energy Healer (Channelling Reiki), I love healing places, animals and people. I am also a Channel to the higher realms, speaking and connecting with St Germain, Sananda, Archangel Raquel, Archangel Metatron, Sekhmet, Volos, 2 amazing Dragons, and many more that drop in to work through me, I am now very connected to myself – my higher self, my guides and my wonderful friend Nathaniel, who just happens to be a Bunnie Rabbit, who I love and adore and is my great protector. I am empathic which means I can hear other people’s thoughts and know their feelings, I ensure that every day I put up a shield to stop me from hearing and feeling other people and need to retune in if this is required in my work. This has helped me a lot and I work on my energy and shield(s) every day to ensure I am not open to others as a channel and to other people thoughts and feelings.

This has been 3 of the best years of my life and I feel with all my challenges, and personal issues I have managed to combat anorexia bulimia, I can now speak out in public and up for myself, I still struggle from time to time with self love, self esteem and having difficult conversations, but I am getting much better and becoming a person I didn’t realise was there, which makes me smile, along with the other gifts and talents I am discovering, I find this to be a pretty amazing life and I feel very very lucky and blessed, so amazing in just 3 years to go from thinking you are going to fall off the edge to feeling very very blessed. If you are feeling like I did and in the throes of what is known of as the dark night of the soul, don’t lose heart you will find your way through to the other side, this is a long path but is very much worth it. Don’t lose heart and try not to lose hope, hang on in there it will be ok.

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