Conversations with my Guides and Helpers On being a multidimensional Human Being

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

I have many conversations with my Guides and helpers all day every day, and I will be sharing the ones I am led to on here.

I have been contemplating myself as a multidimensional being, and talking this through with my guides and helpers, they have given me some interesting information and insight that I thought someone else might also find interesting, hence the share.

I was quite inquisitive about the concept of being a multidimensional human and how it all works as the idea didn’t really resonate with me, and last year I listened to many amazing people speak about being multidimensional at the multidimensional human summit, hosted by the lovely Ariella Indigo. And I couldn’t quite wrap my mind round the idea of it all.

I can’t quite remember where, when or how but once again I started to contemplate this subject and ask questions.

Firstly let me explain the way I communicate with myself/higher self, guides and helpers – when speaking with them it is just like having a conversation with another person, only I can’t see them, or conventionally hear them as the words will appear in my head instead of my ears, and then they will validate the conversation by replying / confirming using my own body and voice to respond back with a yes, no, or a sucking of the air between my teeth which means kind of or maybe, I am sure this makes for an interesting viewing if you see me walking down the street in full flow J

We all have our soul (higher self) and from that soul there are many shards of us all coming off the one higher self being, a bit like an umbrella and its spokes, the centre handle being the higher self, and the spokes being the different what I call ‘shards’ coming off the one being.

We are all living different lives in different, realms, planets, dimensions and in some cases (but not mine) right here on earth with you, also known as your twin flame, who is part of the same soul cloth.

All of these shards are living simultaneously - I, my soul higher self has 80 of us living at this moment in different times, dimensions and realms. I have ‘swapped’ consciousness with 2 of the 80 at different points, not knowing what was happening at the time I just put it down to some amazing meditation, but now understand that for those brief moments I was in their ‘shoes’.

With this insight I also realised how easy it is for us to communicate if we wanted too and to influence / be influenced by each other and our surroundings, the closer we get to our high selves the closer we get to the consciousness of our own soul cloth as you will, and thus in turn to the group consciousness which is connected through fractal and soul families, I will need to quiz more on this as its just opened up a new topic for me to discuss with them.

With the 80 connections in mind I now make sure my daily shields include protecting me from any negative entities being clever enough to see that as an ‘in road’ to connect in to my channel body through some sort of ‘back door’, especially where feeding is concerned.

So if we are here to learn, and there are 80 ‘shards’ of me all living / learning, and I am in taking all this information to help clear the collective, and help raise the frequency and Vibration of the universe, and its dimensions and realms. If our fractal families are all linked as a collective and are doing the same, then the more who awaken and work towards the same goals would mean the universe should evolve at a quicker rate than it is now, including Earth who slightly behind in the overall Universal evolution. Which makes me understand moving in the next phase (some call it the Age of Aquarius) where things are meant to change, as more people awaken the quicker the evolution can move.

So at what point to we stop? Do we continue to raise the vibration of this universe and not stop? Ever evolving it in this manner? I understand that being at the start of the next form of evolution that many Star Systems etc are assisting us in this journey, as they are evolving with us only further along in the process, so helping us also helps them as you will, but they are also wanting to help as they themselves have already been in this situation, a bit like passing on the knowledge needed to complete a task they have already done.

So at what point will this shard of me cease to be a shard?

So I asked this question, and I got back when we are done learning (although I know I am here to assist the earth and its inhabitants I am also here to expand myself), and we are not really separate as we are just ourselves. I am having all these different experiences at the same time but I am still the whole, I am still the Angelic self, the shard is the illusion. All of them are me as I am assisting in what way I can with the Universal evolution because that is what I have stepped forward to do. All of us are I, and I am all of us.

So in conclusion as I feel it needs one, We are Multidimensional Beings who are connected in to different parts of the universe, Realms and Dimensions, who are here to learn various aspects in order to help, and to assist with the evolution of myself and the universe, to which we are helped and directed by various beings who are also here to help and assist whilst passing on wisdom. This is my current thought process on being a multidimensional human, I am sure I will muse more on this in the future.

Not only am I wondering what my role here is on Earth but now I am wondering what the role is in the ‘bigger picture’?

I found it very interesting to find this out about myself and although it helped me to understand and see myself as a Multidimensional Human and understand what that means is opened up so many questions in others.

I also contemplate the idea of the fact we create ourselves, so does that make my soul self my creator? I still have lots more questions to talk to them about

So my thoughts have leant itself to my inner self studies around the fact we choose who we are and the challenges we want to face here, enhanced and assisted by the energy in our name, our family lineage, our time and place of birth, the ones we come here with and contract in to work with etc, we write and sign our contracts before coming here so that we our soul self can learn as much as we can from the experiences we have signed up for / too, and if so I (soul self) is learning and collecting information from 80 different shards of me all whilst I am living this life here on earth, our guides and helpers are assisting us and in some instances we (soul self) are guiding and helping them in some lives they maybe simultaneous living in different realms and dimensions. So what point do we stop learning and become something else? I have been told that my soul self is an Angel and I know I am masculine and I can talk to myself like I am another guide in this world, but at what point will this shard of me cease to be a shard? Will I integrate with all my many many lives of experience that I have, and will other continue but yet I will join myself? I also contemplate the idea of the fact we create ourselves, so does that make my soul self my creator? I still have lots more questions to talk to them about

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