Conversations with my Guides and Helpers - Connecting In with your Higher Self

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

In the last few Months I have been getting some incredible Downloads and realisation about myself, my Higher Self, Who I am and the first level of insights of how to access my team on a deeper level, so I thought I would write about it and pass this on in case someone else could get something out of it.

I think a lot and I talk a lot to my guides and helpers, but I always felt distant from myself, which I guess is quite a strange concept, so many people around me were talking about meditating and connecting in to listen to their inner guidance and I couldn’t quieten my mind for 5 mins never mind getting to inner guidance. As we are all very different and having our own experience here, I don’t hold the same skills as others, which is fine so I had to find my own way.

My higher self did find a way and that was to talk to me like my guides do, with the use of my body and voice – yes, no and maybe, like a human pendulum, and I was told my name and that I am a male Angel, for the last month or so I saw myself as a different entity and called that side of myself by the name he told me and spoke to myself as a 3rd person. It wasn’t until recently that I realised that we aren’t separate at all but one, it’s just a point of realising it. I know that all our experiences and ways are different but I can’t see that realisation being too different, I think once you realise that it’s all you and your ‘higher self’ can be easily accessible because all of you is here all the time and you are all of you, and you have the access as and when you need it, it’s just a point of knowing. You don’t have to be separate or feel separate because you aren’t, you are always one.

Once this realisation took place I took a few days feeling segregated again, but this time to my mind self, my human self, my ego self, my higher self, but there are many sides that make this one whole I signed up to be, that I designed.

In this I started to hear the meanness of the under voice a meanness for myself and for others, something that I hadn’t really noticed before. I considered this and concluded that all these parts often spoke at the same time, but once I had started to sit in the quiet day to day I could hear the meanness, my Subconscious thoughts of myself and those I was reflecting on to others, which was in fact a reflection of what I was feeling about myself and also what I still needed to clear. The old beliefs and paradigms that no longer serve you, what you need to shed for moving in to the next phase of things. I love self work, always clearing that which no longer servers you, which leads to further integrating with yourself on all the levels, bringing everything together as one whole and embodying yourself the way you designed it, without one dominating over the other. Once balance has been found, choices can be made, and you in this amazing human form can converse with all aspects of yourself, as well as you continued conversations with your guides and helpers to move forward with your ever evolving self and mission here in this amazing place.

Ever drawing in yourself, your over soul, the I am, the higher self whatever the name you need to realise it’s all just you, we clear so much and often feel so lost because we feel like we have been left / abandoned sometimes, but we were never abandoned we were here all the time, we just needed to remember, all the pieces in one place, it’s just a matter of drawing you in and integrating yourself into one whole.

Find, track, realise, clear and release, integrate and move forward, each point bringing its fabulous lessons and challenges with it and every step is a step closer to who you really are, whilst uncovering even more ways to help this beautiful Earth and its inhabitants. A celestial being here for many reason being uncovered one piece at a time.

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