This practice involves working with your guides to channel a homeopathic mix, which is to be steeped in hot water and consumed orally...

The ingredients are written down for you so that you can re mix them yourself (accompanied with the details of each ingredient and its healing properties).

With regards to Sprays, I will put together a mix of essential oils, bound in a spray for you to use around yourself and / or your home.

Kerrie (Newbury)

“After my treatment, Nicola prepared a small spray bottle for me which contained a mix of essential oils and two crystals, as well as a blend of herbal tea that I could take away with me. She was really knowledgeable about the ingredients and made sure to explain what each was for, as well as giving me a note of the quantities and so that the blend could be made again if I needed it. It was lovely to come away from my treatment with these, as I felt like I could continue the positive work myself at home. Would highly recommend!”