Soul Coaching


I am an evolutionary guide here to assist you on your Evolutionary Journey, and your pathway back to self.

Unlocking and unblocking any obstacles being presented and moving you forward on your life path, the path that you chose to fulfill in this lifetime, a journey of self-discovery uncovering more about yourself and your journey.


I am here to work with individuals who are eager to progress on their Evolutionary Journey, to reconnect with their Source self and fully embody their I Am Presence.

I am here to Support you in discovering your authentic self.

I am here to Support you in clearing any blockages.

I am here to Support you to work through and clearing negative emotions.

I am here to Support you in transforming your programming and higher your vibration, so you can strengthen your connection to your soul self.


I am a very intuitive person who will work with you using all my available resources to assist you on your journey back to self.

I am proficient healer, and channel with training in many areas including my own experience in this area, using all the tools, hints / tips I have used on my journey so far so you can achieve your goals.

This program will be built around your soul contract and numerology readings as well as what is best for you and what areas you wish to work on and through, I have a wealth of experience in the Evolutionary process whilst also being very present in the corporate and society culture worlds, putting in place many practical exercises that are easy to use in the everyday, helping you to find your way and place in it, no matter what you are doing.

It is possible to work in and enjoy a working/corporate position in any industry whilst going through the awakening process, maneuvering your way back to your Source Self.

Whether you need Practical exercises, vision boards, or just someone to talk to while you find your way, whatever you require we will tailor the program to you, assisting with finding and clearing your blocks, working closely with your life mapping strategy to help you transform your limitations in to your Gifts.

Coaching is priced in phases with a minimum of 3 months commitment, you can pay monthly at £333 or £2000 for 6 Months, and a year for £3500, this will include an hour call once a week with me, Email access to me for any questions / Queries / difficulties you might be experiencing, access to my channeling abilities, access to Elohim healing(s). Access to regression therapy and my unique style of assisting you to work through your triggers and limitations through your past lives, and access to divination abilities.

Your tailored program will be established prior to the Start date. 

I request a deposit of £40 to secure your placement, My Bank Details will be provided for payment.

Please allow 48 hours cancellation, if you do not cancel within 48 hours your session will be forfeit.

If you find the above of interest, please contact me on 07881756074 or email me at