Soul Contract Reading

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The Soul Contract reading will give you a very comprehensive view of the energies you decided to incarnate with to have this amazing experience we call life.

It will help you to see your limitations, your goals, your talents and how they interact with one another, supporting and affecting in both the physical and etheric areas of who you are.

In 2015 I had my soul contract reading done and it was so amazing and so eye opening for me that it set me on my own path to self-discovery, and I loved it so much I trained in it so I can help others on their path. It’s a beautiful roadmap which you can work with to clear your limitations and achieve your goals, the aim of this reading is to help you on your path back to self.

With this reading you get a full comprehensive report, an hour session with me to run through the report and an easy to read highlights document so you can see how things fit together at an easy glance.  

The reading will require an hour’s session to run through the report which is either done face to face or over Zoom.