Regression Therapy


Regression therapy is a master of getting to the source of any issue and clearing it, not just in this life but in previous lives too, it is an amazing therapy for truly clearing the underlying and often hidden event that can be causing or assisting an issue or ailment to present in your everyday life.

Regression works by going to the source of something, working across every level through the mind, with the body, releasing trapped energy, and on a very soul energetic level, as we move to the areas that affected you most on this journey, through whatever life it was and why you carry it with you now.

It will give you an opportunity to see patterns beyond the confusion of the current life, help you to relieve and resolve traumatic / conflicts from the past that have been subconsciously stored, we will delve in to those deeply stored areas and clear it so it will no longer hold any ‘charge’, clearing the root of your present problems and it transforms them in a way that is both safe and structured.

And of course, if you wish it can be used to visit a contented life providing a very pleasant experience too.

For a regression please allow up to 3 hours per session and can be done either face to face or remotely on zoom.