I started assisting animals with Reiki in 2016, and my energy healing style has been evolving ever since, I work with an amazing team who work closely with the companions own teams to bring about what is best for the individual, and if instructed I can also be known to bring in crystals placed strategically in the healing space.

The healing takes place on an energetic level, working with a being’s energy fields, clearing on a quantum level channeled through my hands and voice (light language and song) as we all work towards the common goal of the Owner, the Companion and their higher selves.

I will call in the Animal Guardians, the companions Guides and helpers and their higher selves to all work together for the highest interest of the companion.

These sessions can either be done remotely over Zoom or I can come to your home if you are within a 20 mile radius to Calne Wiltshire, there is a charge of 20p per mile for any home visits.

If this appeals to you and you are interested in working with us then please reach out and let me know.