I am an animal healer ...


I concentrate mainly of using Reiki Healing, connecting with the being I have been asked to assist, I will call in the Reiki Energies and together myself and the Animal will work together to provide the healing they require.

In some cases I may include essential oils if I feel it is required, please do mention if yourself or your Pet has any allergens.


Claire (Newbury)
Albie was an Alsation/Labrador cross aged 8 years. He was a rescue dog from Ireland and had a very hard puppyhood, which took a toll on his physical health.


In June 2017 he developed a fever and was sick, and after that he didn’t want to eat anything, so became very shaky and weak. He had a tumour growing in his spleen, which we had been unaware of. The vet couldn’t do anything as he had an immune deficiency following a reaction to Bayer’s flea treatment some years previously, which had made him very ill and he nearly died. This meant the vets couldn’t operate as he reacted very badly to drugs of all sorts. They suggested we put him down there and then.


Nicola came and performed reiki on him. it stopped the tumour growing for a while, reduced his fever and made him much more comfortable. She also got him to start eating again. It gave him another 6 weeks of life, in which time we did all his favourite things – trips to the seaside and visited my eldest daughter who didn’t live at home. He went on  his favourite walks, swimming, ate his favourite food, saw all his favourite people and dogs, and generally spent a lot of time being with me, his person.