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Hi, my name is Nicola and I am an evolutionary guide here to assist you on the Evolutionary Journey of your pathway back to self.

Unlocking and unblocking any obstacles being presented, moving you forward on your life path, and your journey of self-discovery so you can truly uncover who you are.  

I will help you to navigate your life path, clearing blocks and assisting you on your Journey back to self

I am an experienced Energy, and Crystal Healer offering Healings to assist you with any internal or external situation. 

I am a Vocal channel, bringing through wisdom and guidance for any situation.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapy and Regression therapist, going deep in to the source of any situation to truly clear any hindrances being presented.


My Journey


I have always had a way of sensing what is not really seen with the Naked eye, to sense and hear ‘spirit’, shunning these abilities well in to my adulthood, and not admitting or accepting what I had available. I was brought out of this self-proposed barrier very quickly in 2015, when I couldn’t deny my gifts anymore, I went through a very big shift and my talents started to manifest and bring themselves on line, whether I wanted them to or not, and this is where my Journey to self really started to begin.

I was thrown so much out of my comfort zone, I thought I was going ‘Crazy’ and I started to drop in to a spiritual emergence, I then slipped in to what is known as a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ which lasted for some months. I was lucky enough to be guided to the right people who helped me find my way, they helped me to know and understand I wasn’t ‘crazy’, and when I came out of this it felt like I was brought out from the dark in to the light, they had helped me to discover the start of my path back to my Source Self. It was here I decided that I also wanted to help others in the way I was helped, and I started retraining myself.


Over time my abilities have grown and evolved and still continue to do so, I trained in areas I felt guided too, and during my journey I developed an incredible connection with my team, and with further training and guidance my clear connections turned in to becoming a Vocal Channel. Over time my healing abilities combined with my vocal channeling abilities, and now I am blessed with the beautiful Elohim working through me speaking their amazing light language, bringing through clearing assistance for those who need it.


I am dedicated to and passionate about Evolution, the Evolution of myself, and the Evolution of the Earth with all its inhabitants. I work with the Hebrew Numerology System to assist people on their life paths, providing soul discovery coaching to help guide those who wish to find their way back to their source self.


I now live in Calne Wiltshire with my amazing two Cats Minkey and Honey who are both so beautiful and very ‘sensitive’. I am very ‘etheric’ but I am also very ‘down to earth’ helped by my many years working in Corporate as a Project Manager. 


Whether you require a healing, space clearing, energy clearing, Channeling, Regression, Life Map reading, or Coaching I am here to help you on your evolutionary journey. 


We are in a very powerful time right now where we are all evolving at a pace, and the Earth is not leaving anyone behind whether you know about it or not, if you are attracted to what I have to offer and feel like you would like to work with me please reach out, I would LOVE to hear from you and help you in Your Evolutionary Process.